About  Management

Shazia Aman

Co-Founder & CEO


Dr. Shazia Aman stands as a distinguished healthcare quality professional with extensive global expertise in healthcare surveying and accreditation.

As the co-founder and CEO, her visionary leadership has strategically onboarded talent from Manitoba in both technological and business development domains, propelling the company towards its predefined objectives.

Dr. Aman diligently offers strategic guidance, oversees team performance, and remains the linchpin for ensuring the organization's resounding success.
For further inquiries or collaboration opportunities, she can be reached at ceo@safe-healthcare.ca



Irfan Ahmed

Co-Founder & COO


Irfan Ahmed has a strong procurement background. Graduated and Masters in relevant procurement field with a vast experience of 13+ years in a multinational organization for IM&S Categories with an extensive knowledge of sourcing tools and serving as a senior procurement specialist to build strong relationships with clients, stakeholders and vendors.


With the background and experience in the field of procurement will oversee day-to-day operations / transactions as a Co-Founder and COO of a Safe Healthcare business to optimize efficiency and the productivity of business to monitor the performance and growth of business with the corrective plan and action.


Email: coo@safe-healthcare.ca



Growth Drivers
  • Save Time & Human Resources
  • Quantitative Monitoring
  • Government Recommendation

Growing Focus On Hygiene
Technology Advancement
Post-Pandemic Care
Key Advantages
Boost Patient Safety
Real-Time Hand Hygiene Monitoring
Regulatory Compliance Made Simple
Seamless Integration into workflows